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There are hundreds of products and methods to enlarge your penis but the fact is there are only a handful of penis enlargement products and methods that work though none of them enlarge your penis overnight! The great thing is you do not have to live with a small penis, there are things you can do and start doing right away to enlarge your penis. There are methods that have been used for centuries that do in fact work. There are products that can enlarge your penis. You need to educate yourself. You have had a small penis your entire life and if you are ready to start your journey of Penis enlargement
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                                                                           PENIS ENLARGEMENT
The three lettered word is one of the foremost pleasures provided by God to the humans. To take it a step further,’sex’ is one of the basic needs of the basic needs of humans. Even Maslow’s theory agrees with it. Sex is means to make our stay on this earth pleasant. For the majority of men the degree of pleasure is heavily hinged on the size of their penis .The cliché of size does matter has ringed true for most of the men. The size of their penis is intricately linked to their ‘manhood’. Men have always yearned for an inch extra. Medically the size of the penis has no significant bearing on the sexual performance of men. But the small size of the penis is a psychological letdown for them. They tend to be low on self-confidence. This low confidence translates into a bad performance in the bed .Though it is proven fact that man having larger size is able to caress woman’s vaginal erogenous zones, which may lead to higher stimulation. But as they say it is all in the mind. A man’s large size is of no use if he is not mentally or sexually equipped to work his tool.
Thus in men the struggle for penis enlargement is done more for mental and psychological gains than physical gains.
The vital stat for penis is that its average length is from 5.5 to 6.5 inches. One-third of it lies within the body. Penis can be divided into three distinct spaces. The two large chambers on top are called corpora cavernosa and the smaller chamber is called corpus spongiosum. The three chambers are filled with blood during erection. The key two the size of penis is corpora cavernosa because of the fact that during every erection 90 % of the blood is retained in this chamber. It is the limiting factor in both the dimensions for penis .Thus for permanent enlargement we need to ensure that corpora cavernosa is developed fully. The other chamber corpus spongiosum does not affect the size of the penis and is mainly use for urination and ejaculation.
Corpora cavernosa is analogous to the sponge because as sponge expands on absorbing water it also expands and heals when stretched. Its ability to soak in blood increases and size of erectile increases .Hence the penis size increases   
The anxiety and mental distress in has meant that penis enlargement is a flourishing market .There is no dearth of web portals and companies proclaiming the effectiveness of their products or services. They promise their potential customers ‘magical results’. But majority of these have flattered   to deceive. Among the hordes of techniques and methods being advised or marketed by only few are worthy of mentioning.
Penis enlargement techniques, mainly the exercising ones, focus on stretching the muscle fibers and various tendons and ligaments. Penis length is affected by the ligaments that attach it to pubic bone.

Male chastity



                                BENEFITS OF PENIS ENLARGEMENT

Whenever men see a porn star having sex on screen with a sexy girl some go red with envy. Some feel dejected. The rest have their morale at rock bottom. The font of these emotions is not the sexy damsel but the size of the penis of the porn star. Every male wants to augment his ego, his self-confidence by having the biggest of them all. In the sexual landscape each male wants to slay his partner in the sexual encounter with bigger barrel. This innate desire of having large penis has made the phrase ‘penis enlargement a familiar one. In this era of changing mores each male wants to rule the roost in bed. They want to turn their penis into a juggernaut that will roll over every vagina in its way.
These desires are born out of three main factors. First is the increased exposure and accessibility to pornography. The viewer male wants to emulate the porn stars by possessing their penis’s size. Second is that some male take size of the penis as the yardstick to gauge manhood and virility. Third is that with age and other environmental factors the sexual performance of the males goes down in the bed. So to augment it they resort to penis enlargement. Thus in lieu of the above mentioned factors men suffer from the lack of self confidence and they are not at ease with themselves. This results in negativity all around which begins to affect their social, personal as well as their professional life.

All these desperations among male to achieve the ‘monster size’ has meant that the net space, magazines and all other avenues are flooded with penis enlargement techniques. There have techniques that had been developed in antiquity and some have been developed recently. Thus there is plenty to choose from. Each technique have their own set of benefits. The various techniques with their benefits have been listed below.


This has been the most popular technique for penis enlargement because of its minimal sophistication. In enlargement pills herbal pills have been the preferred choice of the users owing to their natural lineage. They also have practically no side effects and also give good results.

Penis enlargement pills apart increasing penis sized they have the added benefits of increasing the sexual drive, libido, harder erections and intense orgasms. In psychology jargon they have a placebo effect. This means psychologically user thinks he has a larger penis and this increases his confidence and self esteem immensely


Surgical operation on penis provides extra inches not only length wise  but also circumferentially .some male may have a curvature in penile shaft which can be straightened with surgical operation with a proven success rate of 70% .in these surgeries inflatable implants get the individual rock hard erection whenever he desires and as long as he desires. The firmness of penis can also be controlled.


Pumps function by creating vacuum over the head of penis thus drawing more blood. Thus its benefits are increased blood circulation in penis, erection can be attained whenever desired and impotency can be treated effectively.


The penis enlargement exercises focus on expanding corpora caernosa to accommodate more blood into the chamber. Repetition of this process makes cell walls to grow stronger. As a result we get increment in length in as well as girth of penis. The most important benefit of exercises is that they give you permanent, lifelong increase in size. The bouquet of benefits offered include control on ejaculation and increase in quantity of siemens .besides this prostate health is taken care of by increase of blood circulation. Penis exercises help man to gain up to 1 to 3 inch in penis length and up to 25% in its girth. They also increase the size of the head of the penis medically called glans.


It is a penis enlargement technique in which continuous pressure is applied over penis and cell growth is stimulated. Jelquing is done by a penis stretcher fitted over flaccid penis. The apparatus has to be worn whole day. A light pressure is applied continuously which stimulates the cell growth of the tissues near the concerned area and thus increasing the length of penis. The direct benefit of this technique is irreversible growth in both length and girth. Apart from direct benefits most men after using this technique for 6 months experience longer and stronger orgasm and increased sexual drive.


Ballooning is a method in which men prolong their ejaculation. Men hold their ejaculation at least 3-5 times during sexual activity. It helps in growth of spongy tissues called corpora cavernosa in penis. 3 to 5 inches increment can be easily achieved


In weight hanging continuous tension on cells are applied which forces them to divide and multiply resulting in increase tissue mass. This technique also gives permanent enlargement.

Apart from the benefits described above the other benefits of these techniques offer are  increase in sexual performance ,intense and multiple orgasms and good sperm count. This translates into self –esteem and confidence for men.


Magnets, tourmaline, germanium drastically improve the size of the penis. They are arranged in loop and can be slipped under pants without anybody noticing. They also target the usual suspect that is blood supply in the penis. Their mantra is to improve the health of the human penis by improving the blood circulation. They create a magnetic field around the base of penis. Now when the blood enter the penis, the cells spins and separates from other thus increasing the surface area  to carry more vital nutrients and oxygen to your penis. Also the tourmaline and germanium emits negative ions which neutralize the acidic level in blood stream.

Not even males but females take these advantages as they will have a more confident partner to increase the hotness of their encounter
Penis Enlargement

    Yes it's true many man desire a bigger “dick”. Why? To satisfy their partner. A guy with a small penis isn't going to shake it around like a glow stick. He's going to face a corner and put him self in a time out.  A man with a vast dick is considered powerful and a great lover. A men with a small dick is considered a dork and a loser and maybe a virgin. This is the same in a gay relationship. Most gay men don't want to waste time on someone who is small. And most gay guys will talk to each other about their partners.  The size of your penis is very important This is shown in porn also. The man fucking the hot skinny chick is a man with a 8inch or 9 inch long penis that's also 2 inches wide. This is the kind of man man think woman fantasy about, when that may or may not be true. Most woman don't want to fuck with a guy that they can't really feel inside them. It's pointless to them to even try to pressure the relationship.
It's said the guys friends will actually talk about the thickness of their penis. They will work it up as if it's huger than anything in the world. When it may actually be extremely small. The size of a bored penis is different from a turned on penis. Some guys can get extremely hot and horny  and grow to 6 to 7 ½ inches.

Tips for your penis:

There are many ways to increase the size of a men's dick. Some of the items on the market can be painful, expensive and also may not work. Many times a small dicked man will spend thousands of dollar just to get a larger penis. 
Well here are some tips that don't involve those crazy penis enlargement products.
1.    Limited masturbation- A man who jacks himself off more than 3 times a week is going to reduce is size. You can loose as much as 3cm of your penis if you jack up 5 to 6 times a week. This about what would happen if you jacked off 4 times a day!
2.    Green tea- This may sound weird but it's true. Green tea is filled with vitamins. These vitamins give you all the things your whole body needs. This tea can aid in having your penis stay harder longer.
3.    No lubricates – Lubricates can ruin your erection greatly. Consider using lotion or something natural. Also make sure the product isn't too cold or hot.
4.    Porn- Yes porn. I'm mean huh? You should not jack off to porn. Instead just watch and get turned on. Let you penis enjoy the show without being touched. This will in able you to fuck your boyfriend or girl friend with a lot of passion since you were already turned before you started having sex.
5.    Pre sex- Yes this is very important. The truth is the longer you wait for intercourse the better you erection feels. Like starting off by giving your girlfriend pleasure while she is giving you pleasure then moving on to giving her an erotic massage can aid in your erection. It can get 2 times bigger if you take your time. However, once you get inside.. don't rush. You may cum fast and your partner may not like that. Go slow for the count of 10 then get faster and faster. That's true love making.

Penis Enlargement Issues and Consequences

Any guy out there with a small penis has thought about penis enlargement at one time or another in his life. In fact, it's pretty much common for guys with smaller penises to consider what they would need to do in order to make their penises bigger so that they can get the pleasure that they think they are missing out on. The good news is that there are plenty of options available for you to choose from in order to make your penis bigger than you could ever imagine it being before.

The first thing you are going to need to fully understand is that there aren’t any penis enlargement options available that are going to make it bigger overnight. You have to take your time and be patient in order to see any measurable difference in the size of your penis. There isn't a magic wand that you can wave to suddenly find that your penis is three inches bigger. It takes hard work and commitment on your part in order for things to work no matter what some online sites might say about their products. Just remember that there are a lot of scams you can run into. has some of the best penis enlargement options available right now. It's well known that the oldest and most successful enlargement option has always been stretching. Now back in the old days, that stretching was done by tying weights to your penis and letting them pull it straight down. It's a good thing that they used to wear robes all the time because it would be hard to walk around with weights tied to your penis in anything but a robe. Thankfully, has redesigned this aspect and now you don’t have to wear a robe while stretching your penis.’s penis enlargement systems allow you to stretch the penis out using a strap based aspect. You simply use the straps around the shaft of the penis, pull it towards your knees and wrap that tie down strap around your leg. Then, you can pull on your pants and go out for the day stretching your penis the entire time. This works out well for the busy man that has a business and is always on the go as well. Just think of how much time you will save by not having to worry about what you need to wear to cover up your enlargement device.

Now, other than the penis enlargement devices from, there are a few options that you have probably already heard about. The first option is taking those little pills that make you smile and make your penis bigger. Yes, there are some pills out on the market that have been proven to do exactly what they claim they can do. Of course, there are a few draw backs to this kind of enlarging procedure. The first issue you will have is in remembering to take your pill every day so that it can take effect.

Typically, using pills for penis enlargement is something that most guys find fairly easy to do. Think about it; all you have to do is take a pill and sit back and watch your penis grow bigger. There is a reason why guys all over the world are flocking to something like this. But the other issue you have to worry about is that if you stop taking those little pills, then your penis will shrink back down to its original size. That is something that the pill companies never tell you unless you read the fine print.

Another way of getting penis enlargement done is by using a cream or lotion. These lotions and creams will contain the same chemicals, whether natural or manmade, that the pills will have in them, but instead of swallowing them, you rub it on your penis. Now, this can be quite exciting for guys that use it on a regular basis. Not only are you getting the chance to enlarge your penis, but you are getting the perfect opportunity to use that moment for masturbating. Not that there are too many guys that need to find a reason to masturbate.

Of course, just like pills, when you are using lotions and creams for penis enlargement, you have to use them every single day. If you stop using them, your penis will eventually shrink back down to its normal size and you will have wasted all that time and money for no reason. Since pills and lotions will take over 6 to 8 months in order to see any difference in the size, then you have to start all over again because your penis went back to its regular size. Sometimes, life is just not fair when you think about it.

Now, if you have the time and the money to put into your penis enlargement options, then you might want to consider having an enlargement surgery. There are actually many men that look into things like this in order to make their penises big enough to please their partners. Of course, you have to understand that there are some issues that you will have to work through in order to actually succeed in this method. This is one technique that you really have to think about before attempting it, though.

Now using surgery for penis enlargement is not something to be taken lightly. The first thing you are going to realize is that this type of surgery is only going to give you a tiny bit of length. You see, when it comes to this type of surgery they are only severing the pelvic muscle in order to allow the penis to grow a bit more when it's erect. You should be aware that you can't even get an erection for the first six months after your surgery without the risk of having complications and requiring even more surgeries to fix it. 

Since surgeries are so expensive, they really aren't all that great for penis enlargement unless you have more money than you know what to do with. So when you think about it, enlarging your penis in this manner really isn't all that great of an idea. Just the fact that you have to have multiple consultations with doctors and psychiatrists just to see if you are even ready for something like this can be off putting. That is why is the place that you should go looking for anything to enlarge your penis. The good news is that it won't shrink back down, either.

Most guys want to have a large penis in order to show their partners the pleasure that they have been looking for. Now, you can look all over the internet for penis enlargement options, but you are only going to be satisfied with the options that you find on There is no reason to go out of your way to find something that isn't going to work in the first place when you can find the most proven methods on one single site. If you could find everything you needed on one site, why would you even bother looking around for anything else?

Guys that are curious about penis enlargement will try just about anything that they think will work. This is where all the scam sites come into play. You have to do your research before handing over your hard earned money and there are a lot of sites on the Internet that will tell you they can grow your penis for a very low price. If you click through to a site like this, then you need to find your way back out and go to a site that can actually deliver on their promises. You aren't going to get what you want from a site that makes outrageous claims, after all.

You have to understand that not everything in the world revolves around your penis enlargement needs, though. Some guys out there couldn’t care less about the size of their penises because they have the confidence to do all those things they have always wanted to do. Having confidence, regardless of the size of your penis, will give you the opportunity to live the life you have always wanted to live, and you will be much happier. You don’t have to enlarge your penis just to be happy with where your life is.

Plenty of men go through penis enlargement techniques trying to see just how big they can get it. This is something that you really need to stay away from if you are serious about making your penis larger. You have to understand that both men and women will freak out if you come at them with something that is too big for them to take. You can't expect everyone you meet to be like those porn stars you watch online, after all. Some people actually prefer a guy that is of average length and width. There is a reason why it's considered average, you know.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for penis enlargement in order to make your penis larger for your self image or for the pleasure of your partner, you have to think carefully before attempting any of the techniques discussed earlier. You don’t want to become obsessed with things like this as it detracts from other areas of your life that you could be enjoying. Granted, there are going to be quite a few men in the world that will actually obsess about making their penis larger because they have a fetish for it. For these men, that is just something they will have to live with.

No one is saying that having a small penis is the best way to live. In fact, most guys will tell you that penis enlargement is the only way that you can truly be happy with yourself when it really comes down to it, and it doesn’t matter what size your penis is when you start out. Think about all those guys that dove head first into the pump items that hit the market a few decades ago, and how often they would use them in order to make their penises larger.

Guys throughout history have always put happiness in the same vein with penis enlargement because they feel that having a large penis is the equivalent to how much of a man they really are. If you are one of those guys, then good luck in trying to impress someone with a penis that is so big you can't actually get an erection. Sometimes, these guys will go overboard with enlargement techniques and cause themselves more issues because no one actually wants to be around them anymore. It's like those body builders that think steroids is the only way of making themselves stronger.

If you end up using penis enlargement techniques that continue to give you more inches to your penis, there will come a time when you have way too much to handle effectively. Now, with things like pills and lotions, that isn't so much of a problem because you can stop taking them and you won’t get any bigger. But using items to stretch your penis from allows you to reach that perfect size, and then you can stop using them for a while. You won't have to worry about your penis shrinking and can keep that perfect length as long as you want.

You should make sure that it's okay with your partner if you use any penis enlargement techniques. There are some people in the world that put less thought into the size of your penis versus how you actually use it. Your partner might be one of those people that doesn’t want your penis to be any bigger because you are already the perfect size for them and their needs. If you surprise them by enlarging your penis without them knowing about it, you could end up hurting them in some way.

Make sure that you include your partner, if you have one, in your decision to use penis enlargement items or techniques from sites like All men know that nothing ruins a relationship faster than keeping secrets that affects both of you. You might find that your partner is more than happy to help you pick something out that you will both enjoy using, and that can only make your relationship together stronger in the long run. Let them look through the site with you and see what has to offer before you make a brash decision.

If you don’t have a partner and you are afraid that it's because your penis is too small then start looking through the penis enlargement stretching items that has to offer. You can wear any of them you want, although if it is your first time, you probably want to stick with a more basic model first. Once you are used to the way it works and how it fits, you can always move up the ladder to something a bit more advanced later on. Just make sure you are purchasing something that you think is going to be comfortable for you to wear no matter what you might be doing.

Plenty of guys wear their penis enlargement stretching items to work so that they can have a productive day in all areas of their life. You might be surprised at just how many guys you work with that are secretly stretching their penises while you are talking to them at the water cooler or on a break. In fact, you might be surprised to find out that you are the only guy in the office that isn't using some kind of option for making their penis bigger.

You don’t have to be born with a massive penis in order to be happy in your life, though. Guys find that using penis enlargement items from can eventually make them happy, but it's not really about the device they are using. It's more about the confidence that having a larger penis can give to them that makes their life happier. Just imagine what it would be like to know that you are packing a monster in those pants and how easy it would be to look everyone you meet in the eyes knowing that. It's like a secret that you are the only one that knows about and you get to be in on the inside joke.

You will find that wearing your first penis enlargement for long periods of time is going to become uncomfortable for you. You have to give your penis a chance to rest from time to time so that you don’t overdo it and hurt yourself. You will also want to wear it around the house until you have worked your way up to wearing it all day long without any issues. In this way, if you need to take your stretching device off, you won't have to worry about everyone in the office knowing about it.

Wearing your penis enlargement device at home is one of the best ways of getting used to the way they feel when you have them on. You can walk around your home in comfort and know that you are stretching your penis without anyone looking at you funny. You will also find that you are walking a bit funny for the first couple of times that you wear something like this. Now, if you were to immediately wear it to work when it first arrives in the mail, then every guy you work with is going to ask you what happened?

They are going to want to know why you are walking slightly funny. Obviously, you can't come out and tell them that you are wearing a penis enlargement device from You don’t know any of these people well enough to tell if they are open-minded about things like this. You would end up having to make up some excuse that wouldn’t make any sense, and that can ruin a lot of work based encounters for you in the future.

Now you could go to an adult store and see what kinds of penis enlargement items they have available for you. This would mean that you would be running the risk of being found out by anyone that knew you and saw you walking in or out of that store, though. By ordering them online through, you are saving yourself from any embarrassment because no one is standing over your shoulder while you are looking through their website. This keeps your privacy in check and allows you to try out things you might not ask for in an adult store where you are dealing with a cashier that is suddenly aware that you think your penis is too small.

It's not like you can walk into an adult store and try on penis enlargement devices, anyway. That would be one of the only reasons to actually go to a brick and mortar store to buy anything. They aren't going to let you try on any of the items that they are trying to sell because no one would want to purchase a stretching device that another guys has already tried to use. It would be like buying sex toys off an online auction site just because they are cheaper.

You have the right to live your life as happy as you can make it and if using things like penis enlargement items is going to make your life happy then you should go for it. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are doing something wrong just because you want a bigger penis. You might end up upsetting people, including your partner, but if they are going to have that much of a problem with what you are doing, then it really wasn’t worth all the effort to keep that relationship going after all. Get out there and see what the world is really like. To do this, your first stop on this adventure should be at to see what kind of penis enlargement items they can offer you.

                                         The Penis Gallery Presents
                                            ALL ABOUT PENIS
Penis Gallery information and photos.

For medically oriented purists penis is a sexual organ endowed by God upon men to reproduce. He has been endowed very well indeed in comparison to other primates. The human penis outscores that of other primates both in terms of length and thickness front. The advantage of human penis is both in absolute as well as relative terms. Even the monstrous primate like gorilla is put to same. Thus humans have the best penis in town thus it has , for mankind in general and men in particular,  always found an important place in their mindscape. Historically paintings from Greeks evince that the male genitalia was there in public consciousness but they were not obsessed by it. Some historical accounts also suggest that in ancient Greece men with small and uncircumcised penis were hot in demand. In contrast to them those with large and circumcised penis were laughed at. The Greeks supposed that large sized penis were only found in fertility gods, animal man hybrid, and ugly old men and in barbarians. The Romans also followed that tradition. Ages ago in 2000 BC, local doctors in Egypt were diagnosing for penis problems. They are also credited with many remedies of penis disorders. In medieval Europe penis ailments were attributed to the evil influences of demons and spirits, and it was believed that witches could inflict penile failure by means of spells. In the renaissance Europe interest in penis was kept alive by Michelangelo’s David.
Penises became state affairs when they were attached to royal persons. The inability of King Louis XVI of France to produce a child from his marriage was a serious matter of state, and Europe's leading doctors were called in. After much brain storming the king was diagnosed as having an excessively tight foreskin, and circumcision was prescribed.
The French had most of the complications. In the 19th century King Napoleon was the patient.

Today in this modern day era when majority of individuals seek sexual nirvana, there has been a lot of fretting and considerable anxiety over the shape and size of human male penis. The penis size has become such an important issue that films, T.V and other means of entertainment and communication are also influenced by it. Films and T.V are said to be the mirrors of the society. Whatever is the vogue in the society it will be either on the silver screen or on the telly tube. Penis size being such a sensitive issue has been given considerable footage and space on popular serials on the telly like ‘Ally Mcbeal’ and “sex and the city’. This has brought the media severe criticism from certain quarters of the society for highlighting the desire among men am\and women fro larger male penis.

The penis has a tubular structure. It consists of the urethra and two long cylinders, the erectile bodies. The urethra, with a thick, spongy cylinder around it, runs along the underside of the penis. It conducts urine to the outside world. The tube ends at the glans (head) of the penis. The skin on the glans has a heavy concentration of nerve cells and is thus very sensitive. It is normally protected by the foreskin, which acts as a cover.

The human penis in an exploded view can be clearly being seen to be made of three main areas. There are two large chambers on the top medically known as corpora cavernosa. Corpa cavernosa is an erectile spongy tissue which swells from within if pressure from the incoming blood, which fills it, is applied. The smaller chamber at the bottom is medically called corpus spongiosum. The requisite to gain erection is to fill the top two chambers with blood. The majority of the blood is retained din the top twochambers that is in corpora cavernosa. The size and firmness of the erection is determined by the amount of the blood that can be retained in the top two chambers. More the blood retained is more will be size of erect penis both in length and girth that is circumferentially.
The corpora cavernosa is analogous to the pore cells in marine life called sponges. In sponges if some pressure is applied on the pore cells to stretch them .they expand and repair themselves but in an expanded state in order to adapt to the tearing of the cell walls of pore. This tearing proves to be a blessing in disguise to them as they become more capable of absorbing more water and nutrients.
 Similarly corpora cavernosa being stretched tears itself and then heals the blood spaces and reinvigorates them in them in their ability to absorb more blood.

In the eulogy of corpora cavernosa one should not forget that corpus spongiest also plays an important role by discharging the other primary function of penis of urination and ejaculation.
The other parts of the penis is the prostate and the testicle. The prostate is a walnut-sized organ found underneath the bladder at the beginning of the urethra. The male sex-hormone testosterone induces growth of the prostate during puberty. In a number of men, the prostate will continue to grow throughout their lives

Testicles justifies its Latin meaning of witness. The testicles hang in the scrotal pouch at the base of the penis. The scrotal pouch is made of rather thin skin, but with a muscle sheet underneath: which is the reason why, if necessary, it can contract. Inside, the pouch is divided into two smaller pouches, each containing one testicle

The testicles have two functions. One is the production of testosterone, the male sex hormone. Testosterone is responsible for the changes of puberty. Throughout adulthood, testosterone production will remain relatively constant, although it declines in old age. Testosterone also causes baldness in men and may play a role in the development of prostate cancer. The other function of the testicles is the production of sperm cells. In the head of the sperm cell is found half the genetic information needed to build a complete human: the other half is supplied by the female egg cell. The penis gallery will feature close up photos of testicles, the most overlooked part of a mans penis and beautiful in itself.


The Penis is measured in terms of two parameters which are length and circumference. The length is measured when male is standing position and the penis is held parallel to a level floor. The average penis length when not erect is between 3-4 inches. The average erect length of adult penis ranges from 5.5 to 6.5 inches. Majority of male penis fall between 5 to 6 inches (check out the images in penis gallery section). At birth penis is about 1.6 inches. For 905 newborn boys the size of penis will be between .9 to 2.2 inches (2.4 to 5.5 cm). The penis growth between birth and 5 years is steady but is very frugal. The growth in penis is preceded by growth in testicles. After that hair grows in the pubic region. It grows to an average of 2.4 inches from 5 years to the onset of puberty and the adult size mentioned above is reached after about 5 years. In teenagers penis grows even two years after their growth of their height has stopped increasing.

Penis circumference also known as penis girth can be measured and interpreted in three ways. One is measurement is done just below glans, second is in the mid of the penile shaft and the third is at the base of the penis. The average girth or circumference is 4.85 inches when fully erect. With age the penis size both in length and girth remains intact.
The size of the penis of an individual may be different on different days owing to many factors like arousal level, time of the day, temperature of the room and the sexual life of an individual.

Penis size is totally hinged on the genes inherited by the individual. But it is an existing belief in the medically fraternity that other factors like culture, exposure to chemicals and the pollutants and diet  also affects the penis size. These factors may cause upheaval in the endocrine system leading to genital deformation. Chemicals affecting genitals are both natural and synthetic.
Scientific studies have also failed to come up with concrete arguments of linking height of an individual's to the penile size. The myth of a taller individual having larger penis size need to be junked. Males have become so obsessed with the size of the penis that some believe that it is possible to predict the size of the penis by judging the individual’s others bodily attributes such as his height, length of the limbs etc. This ha pushed may males to form apart of mass hysteria involving the believed removal or shrinking of the penis known as the genital retraction syndrome. People have also gone to insane lengths by judging penis length of an individual on the basis of his shoe size.
This common practice among ill-informed people to link penis size with foot size and height has its origins in a theory. This theory suggests that the growth of penis in an embryo is controlled by the Hox genes. These genes are the same genes that control growth and development of the limbs in the embryo. Now if some mutation of these genes takes place it will cause an improper formation of the penis. The theory has been put to test by various scientific studies and still the jury is out on the validity of this theory.
Similarly correlation between the penis size and a particular race has not been established. Research suggests that in the penis size of Afro-American and a Caucasian American there very little to choose. They are of almost similar size both in length and girth terms. Even in Asians who are reckoned have the smallest size many countries compete very well with their counterparts elsewhere in the world.
Does size matter?
For eons this has been a sensitive matter to the mankind especially to the males. In many culture the size of the penis has been linked to potency and strength. It has been a symbolism of virility. They link the length of their penis to the degree of sexual stimulation for them s well as their partners. But men have a psychology similar to a man sitting in an aircraft flying at a great height. If he looks down upon the earth even the Great Wall of China will look to him a small entity. Thus men are on board a plane of foreshortening because they underestimate their size vis a vis other guys. Their prying eyes in the locker room or the swimming pool are looking at the size of the other guys, constantly comparing their size. So for males size does matter big time
 But in fact various studies indicate that women are more concerned with the width of the penis rather than its length because wider penis provides more friction to clitoral area leading to higher stimulation among them.


As the physical attributes of the humans vary so do the shapes of the penis. They come in all hues and colors. Some are shorter, some are larger than average, some have curves; some do not have curves at all. Some have bumps. In some penis the veins are exposed in some they are not.
Penis is generally straight. Some may bend either to the left and some bend to the right. A bent penis is perfectly normally. Some penis is eve banana shaped. This type of penis shape is generally related with a disorder known as Peyronie’s disease. This may not interfere with intercourse and if it does and other complications arise then surgery is the only way out.
The shape of the top of the penis head is normally mushroom. Penis gallery can provide a better clarity on the penis shapes. We include many excellent close up photos in the penis gallery. All penis gallery models are 18 years or older.


In God’s colorful earth penis also comes in a gamut of colors. The genital tissues of which penis are composed off is darker than the skin or any other body part, for example on leg. This is absolutely normal condition to have a penis darker in color than our body skin. Penis has sensitive skin cells and bloodvessels similar to those in the lips. When they have a lot if blood they turn slightly dark reddish. It  will be pink, yellow, brown or black according to the race, and either will or will not have a foreskin according to your parents' religious or cultural beliefs. In some cultures circumcision is the norm. Circumcision performed in the newborn period traumatically interrupts the natural separation of the foreskin from the glans that normally occurs somewhere between
There are in fact many color shades and tones that change the look of a penis even of men that are of the same race. The penis gallery explores the beauty of the male penis.
We will offer a penis photo gallery that just focuses on penis color. It is very exciting to
Closely examine the different photos in the penis gallery and try to decide where the person is from just from size, color and penis shape.


 This chart  gives the comparative size of the penis of people from various  from different ethnic background.  It can be in the form of bar graph or pie chart or some other graphical representation.
These are just averages and has you will see in the penis gallery photos there are huge Caucasians, larger the average Asians and very small African men featured.

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